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not to break.

Uniquelly Strong


Clickclose has been made with a patented slip-clutch system that eliminates the possibility of over tightening the tap, this increases the washer lifespan and also removes any chance of leaking when tightened. This combined with the uv stabilized composite material, truly makes clickclose a very strong tap in it's own unique way.


Supporting South Africa

Supporting Local

The Clickclose range of taps have been manufactured and distributed in South Africa. This is a truly South African product that focuses on the local community rather than finding the cheapest available option. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products.

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Unbreakable innovation.


Not just another

garden tap

Clickclose has been designed with the user in mind, a garden tap you won't have to replace because it broke, or has been stolen like most brass garden taps. Our Patented slip clutch design extends not only the lifespan of the washer inside but your bank account as well.

Zero Scrap Value

The material used in Unitwist products has no scrap value, therefore decreasing the risk of theft.

Hot & Cold

Can be used on both hot and cold water systems. Operating temperature between 55°C and 65°C

Available Sizes

15mm & 22mm

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High Pressure

Can be used on high pressure systems.

No Tools Required

Can be hand tightened, no tools required. Use hand tools for extra seal.

Outdoor &Underground

Contains UV Stabilizer allowing for outdoor and underground use.

The ultimate slip clutch


Tel: 031 777 11 77

Durban, South Africa

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