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1. Cannot be stripped or over-tightened. 

How ?? - The Pro-Close tap range is fitted with a patented valve which has a built in slip-clutch. This means when the tap has closed and sealed, the clutch will kick in, preventing over tightening and wear and tear of any kind. The taps can also not be stripped upon excess force when opening.

2. Massive long-term water saving.

Why?? - Because of the taps slip-clutch valve, It is impossible for any user to close the tap beyond the ideal point of sealing. This means that you cannot apply excessive force to the rubber washer which creates the seal. Allowing the washer to last far longer than any other tap. This is the issue with all other taps and leads to the need for the washer to eventually be replaced due to continues leaking.

3. No scrap value.

Why?? - Because Pro-Close is manufactured from high-grade polymers, the materials carry almost no scrap value compared to most alloy based taps. Taps with alloy / metallic based materials are a hot commodity for thieves, due to the high price they can fetch on the black market when sold for scraps. The other down side to this theft is, generally, when the metallic taps are stolen, water will leak continuously until somebody notices the product is missing.

4. Water pressure arrestor.

How?? - The slip-clutch has a shock-absorbing type function which, under high pressure, will compress, removing the high pressure from the line. Once the pressure has been removed, the tap will seal again automatically. This is a benefit to the entire supply line, preventing any damage which may occur from the high pressures.

5. Perfect for outdoor exposure.

The taps contain UV stabilizer. This prevents any degradation of the material composition. Pro-longing the lifespan of the taps when exposed to direct sunlight.