1. Can Unitwist be used on hot water?

Yes, UNITWIST has a maximum temperature rating of 96 degrees celius.

2. Can UNITWIST be used on high pressure?

Yes, UNITWIST has a maximum pressure rating of 55 bar! Although far higher pressures have been achieved during testing, which can be seen on our website.

3. Can UNITWIST be used outdoors?

Yes, UNITWIST contains 9% UV stabilizer within our material composition. However, it is still 

recommended that Unitwist is concealed in a lagging or painted with an outdoor paint. 

4. Does UNITWIST require tools?

No, infact UNITWIST does not even require you to tighten the nut at all. The compression action is a backup mechanism. This same mechanism is what allows UNITWIST to function perfectly on damaged pipe. Simply just give the nut a nip.

5. Can UNITWIST be used on other piping?

Yes, UNITWIST can be used on any pipe with a 15mm & 22mm outer diameter. (except for stainless steel tubing.) Please note that when used on Pe-x pipe, you will still need to use an insert. The only reason for this is to prevent the aluminium layer from corroding.

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